2018 Craft-olusions

So twelve months ago I set some goals. For the last couple of months I had this feeling I had failed miserable, but in essence I achieved more than I thought I had!

I wanted to produce 6 garments, and if I include the 4 baby Milo vests I knit then I did achieve that goal. Of course that wasn’t the premise of the goal, but I still finished a cardigan in fingering weight for me and a sweater. And I have the sleeves left on another sweater so I think I can possibly say I got half way!

Next up was 12 bumps of fibre. I am really proud of my Tour de Fleece efforts and that I spun 10 bumps in 3 weeks as a combo spin. I exceeded this goal, but the funny thing is I didn’t finish Spin the Bin! This year I will combine a combo spin and Spin the Bin I think!

12 self-striping items didn’t happen. Again I finished 7 items and have two pairs of self-striping socks on the needles. Likewise Camp Loopy- I finished the first month, finished the second month in the third month and never started the project for the third month!

I wanted to try four new sock patterns. I did two and have another on the needles, so almost! Sadly, I did not get to Spendigo as I had my final residential school (and a distinct lack of finances!) but there is always 2018…

So the goals for this year…

  • 4 adult garments including knitting up my Combo Spin
  • At least 6 months of The Fourth Desert Vista Dyeworks Sock Challenge (I made 3 months in 2017)
  • Finish my Leaves of Grass
  • Spin the Bin
  • Get to Spendigo!

Perhaps not as much of a goal list as last year, however I have a grad year to complete!


*and the title of the post recognises that these are resolutions, but may be illusions too!

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Date: Monday, 1. January 2018 12:04
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