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Bon Voyage or Sayonara Immy

Friday, 5. April 2013 18:02

I said goodbye to my baby girl today for 3.5 months. It’s actually 3 months and 16 days, but I’m not being that picky…

She has gone on exchange to Tokyo with one of her best mates from school. A whole term at Keimei Gakuen International School. Their final term. She will experience a change in seasons from Spring to Summer. Hopefully there are still some Cherry Blossoms for her to see. She will study with students from all around the world, mainly in Japanese, but also take Japanese as a Second Language (JSL) Classes.

She will live with host families- up to three we believe and experience their home life. The first family tells us they don’t speak a lot of English, but they know gestures! Of this I am glad- I went to France and my homestay sister spoke French to me for the entire two weeks!

She is planning to shop, however I don’t know what sort of clothes will be available to a 6’3″ western girl! She is also planning on keeping up her running, clarinet, art and wants to learn how to cook lots of Japanese dishes.

She will be visited by her Nanny Fran (my Mum) but probably not by me. She knows she has to Skype in occasionally!

For me it is anxiety provoking. I am letting my girl loose on another country! We have had talks about the appropriateness of eye rolling- especially at teachers!

It seems like only yesterday she was learning to walk…

Imogen's new shoes!

Now she walks tall and proud and so she should! She is an amazing woman who will go far! I still miss her though!

photo 1

And she still pulls goofy faces!

photo 2




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