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Friday, 1. January 2021 12:11

In 2020, I completed 15 projects…

2020 projects

I’m not sure how long I will continue using Ravelry as once I am forced to give up the legacy design, I fear it will be unusable for me in its present format, but that aside, it is useful for keeping track of projects, yarn, patterns etc.

As for goals for 2021… I have 30 items on the needles if I include the test-kit sweater and socks I am casting on today. A few of these 30 will simply be frogged. Several are half-completed pairs of socks and I would like to finish them. 5 are projects I cast on in 2020 and I can see myself completing all of these. Ideally, I would like to have fewer items on the needles at the end of the year than at the start- that shouldn’t be that difficult to achieve, despite me being in a positive balance at the end of 2020!

For absolute goals, I’d like to complete a fingering colourwork sweater or at least one with short sleeves. I’d also like to spin more- I have the same bump of fibre on the wheel that was on for all of last year. It is hard with my back at times, but I will just need to break it down to manageable chunks. I’m starting the Desert Vista Dyeworks monthly sock challenge again and would like to complete at least 6 months. Perhaps this will also be the year I will start some of the items that have been in my queue for years and years!

So not that many goals, only to craft more. One can hope!

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