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Episode 9: Inside with added Australiana!

Sunday, 24. February 2013 21:52


Show Notes:

For those having issues watching the podcast on here, you can now check it out on YouTube!

KAL: The Knit a Hug KAL starts on Friday. The gorgeous Petra (TheWonderer) has designed a simply beautiful shawl ‘Many Rivers to Cross‘ to raise money for the Cerebal Palsy Foundation. Until the end of May, Petra is giving people the opportunity to purchase this pattern for only $1 with all proceeds going to the Cerbal Palsy Foundation. The coupon code is ‘HUG.’ For more information you can read her very moving post on the board.

FO from the past: Rainbow Rockerfeller

WIPs: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Socks, Friendship Thanks (Hoaloha KAL)

Acquisitions: Yarn vs Zombies, Trailing Clouds ‘Mind the Gap’

Australiana: Don’t forget to Google the illusive DropBear and Bunyip!

The cushions behind me in the Bay Window are from Craftsquatch! I got mine in 2009 when they were much cheaper!

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Episode 8- A Wobbly Rainy PS!

Sunday, 17. February 2013 14:55


Show Notes

100 Members Prize Draw: If you heard your name, contact me! The winner of the skein of Skein can choose her yarn and colour here! Oh and towns I was thinking of were Normanton and Karumba! Doh!

FO: Fabric Suggle for the Snuggles Project, Al Die Eerstes KAL with MelTran Designs and Fibernymph Dye Works 

WIPs: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Socks, Friendship Thanks (Hoaloha KAL)

Acquisitons: January Shipment from the ThreeIrishGirls Stash Menagerie ClubMarigoldJen pre-order

Upcoming: Mabel Socks on Soft Like Kittens

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Episode 7- Whippoorwilling

Monday, 11. February 2013 16:20


Show Notes…

Administradia: 100  Member Giveaway now includes a skein of Skein! Head over to enter now! 

KAL: The Knit a Hug KAL has a thread open here!

FO: Whippoorwill

WIP: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Socks

Acquisitions: Into the Whirled, Slipped Stitch Studios

Other Stuff: 1 Billion Rising


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Episode 6- Hot Diggity!

Monday, 4. February 2013 6:57


Show Notes…

Reminder… 100 member draw open in the A Down Under Yarn Ravelry board– come and tell me what intrigues you about Australia and/or Australians! Make sure you are a member…

WIPs: Al Die Eerste, Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Socks, Bird Hug

KAL: March/April- Knit A Hug for someone for whom Mother’s Day will be difficult this year. Details on the Ravelry Board.

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