Peace Stupa, caves and a cold!

Today was our day off for this week. I did not sleep well and felt I was coming down with the cold that the rest of our group had last week, however decided to get up and head with a group of people to the Peace Stupa. I am so glad I did. It was a long way up- step after step after step, but once there the view was amazing.

From the bottom carpark, the trek looked ominous…


This photo was taken about 80% of the way up!


But once there it was so worth it!

img_0337 img_0356 img_0339 img_0351 img_0354

The Stupa itself was quite serene, even though many tourists didn’t understand the meaning of the word silence!


The descent was a lot easier! After lunch we organised another small group to head to the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave as we had been told the architecture was quite spectacular. We did venture inside the cave, but it was so humid and all evidence of stalactites and stalagmites was long gone as souvenirs to tourists before us. The architecture was quite amazing however.


A group of people were singing and dancing at one stage, although we were not sure if it was a form of worship or celebration. We were invited to take video, however I stuck with a photo!


Tonight I have been to a local pharmacy where I was offered pseudoephedrine without having to show my drivers licence! I also picked up some Vicks Vaporub and hope after a good night’s sleep I will feel better tomorrow!

Date: Tuesday, 8. November 2016 0:00
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    Must be the season for head colds! Enjoyed your report today Fi. Love, Mum.

  2. 2

    Hope your feeling better soon, fabulous pictures, your looking good!!!🐏🐏🐏

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