Teaching, touring and treating

The morning started with some eduction sessions on the history and geography of Nepal and a session on language. From there we headed out for a traditional Nepalese lunch which we ate with our fingers.


After lunch we went on a tour of the Tibetan Settlement in Pokhara. The highlight of my day, and possibly trip so far was seeing the fibrecrafters at work!

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And yes, that is a lady sitting cross legged on the floor spinning using a supported spindle, the support being a tin with the lid hollowed in! I managed to even get some video…


The large looms were also amazing.


From here we visited their shop where they showed both their weaving and also the amazing rugs and carpets they had for sale. If only I had money I could have gone crazy!

We also visited Davis Falls…


a Hindu shrine which had the most magnificent views…

dscn0063 dscn0061 dscn0060

and some white water rapids that came down from the mountains and passed through this narrow spot


Upon returning to our hotel we divided up the goods we had been donated as a group. Everyone was super impressed with all the woollens, hats and medical equipment I had been donated and they will be distributed further on in our trip.

After dinner, I treated myself to a one hour massage. The masseuse kept commenting that I was such a big lady and said that my thighs were very sexy and my husband must love them! The massage also included a chest massage which was different and again gave an opportunity for the masseuse to comment on my breasts!


With the teaching, tourism and treating today I feel like I achieved a lot. My roommate and I have decided we will try and have a massage each week as we need to treat ourselves during our work here. Tomorrow we have our induction at the hospital. I am so looking forward to seeing what the hospital is like and the acuity of patients. Until then, subha ratri!

Date: Tuesday, 25. October 2016 23:04
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    Love the massage! MIML would have a good laugh!!! Mum.

  2. 2

    Insanely jealous. Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated.

  3. 3

    this is incredible – can’t wait to hear the next installment!

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