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Today we participated in our first health camp of the trip. It was the most amazing experience. The camp was at a village on the outskirts of Pokhara which we reached in a 30 minute bus ride. It was held in conjunction with the Pokhara Lions Club, Fishtail Hospital and CQUni. In 4 hours we managed to see over 700 men, women and children.


I started on the observation station where we took people’s blood pressure, pulse and temperature. It was interesting that most people were on the lower side of normal or what we would term hypotensive (one as low as 85/60) however these people were smaller than a lot of westerners and are still fit and healthy.


I then spent time in the makeshift pharmacy. There were limited medications available however there was a good variety. What was interesting was that whereas in Australia we would have multiple types of medications (for instance several different types of statins to control cholesterol) here they have one.

After this time was spent sitting with the paediatrician as he saw so many children. Most consultations lasted around a minute. Some children came because they just wanted to see the doctor like others in their family were- one child told the doctor that when he runs he gets a pain under his chest (a stitch!). Although some would see this as wasting the doctor’s time, it also showed that people were not afraid of accessing medical care when it was available. One gentleman was pushed about 3 hours from home by his neighbour in his wheelchair. Knowing what the roads were like really surprised us all as this was no mean feat.

Time spent with the obs/gynae consultant was also interesting. Although the camp was relatively close to the city, a lot of patients did not know what was available for them, for instance women with prolapses did not realise they could have them repaired for free. Sadly it was evident that the rate of hysterectomy was very high in the region as there is no other way to deal with gynae issues.


It really was the most rewarding day thus far of our trip. I felt like I was making a difference and really helping people who needed help. The surroundings were gorgeous and the people so happy to see us.

Today was the first day of Diwali or the festival of lights.

Hotels around us have decorated with fairy lights and candles and as I type I hear fireworks. Today was the festival of the dog where people venerate their dogs. When I dropped off my laundry and the shop a few doors down I had to snap a photo of their pet.



Date: Saturday, 29. October 2016 23:02
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    Very informative post, enjoyed reading it. How are you doing veggie wise? You look terrific keep healthy!!…….friend Carol

  2. 2

    Love the dog Fi – hope he wasn’t frightened of the fireworks!
    Today’s report is most interesting and I can tell you really enjoyed the experience. Love, Mum.

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