Children of Nepal and TB

This morning we spent time at Children of Nepal. Here we took some education sessions around hand hygiene, toothbrushing and women’s health. Our group had a group of young women aged 11-22 who were really interested in menstruation and the puberty process. Material I had sourced from Sexual Health Cairns was very helpful in this regard.


After the education sessions we spent time with the women and some of their young children enjoying tea and biscuits. It was beautiful seeing the children interacting with our group.

img_0184 img_0185

Some of the work Children-Nepal does surrounds empowering women to earn their own money and not be reliant on their husbands. A lot of the work they do is sewing and they sell toys and other sewed items in a small shop and export throughout the world.

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After lunch we heard a really interesting lecture on tuberculosis. One of the main points I took from this was the way the Nepalese government (which changes fairly frequently!) is united in its mission to ensure every patient diagnosed with TB receives and takes appropriate medication. This is done through clinics where patients must attend and sign for their medication each day.

This evening another walk around the town. We saw a graffiti artist completing a new project


and enjoyed a cocktail overlooking the sunsetting over the Stupa with the newish moon in the background.


Date: Thursday, 3. November 2016 23:52
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