23 and 5

Yep. It’s that date again. 14th April. A tale of two cities- best of times, worst of times.

Today marks 23 years since my Dad died. He went SCUBA Diving and drowned. I was 17 and in my final year of high school. It was an event, a single moment, developed from a day that was to shape much of my adult life.

18 years later on 14th April I met a man for coffee. I had been on several dates with different men, and was pretty disillusioned. But this one was different. It was the day I met the wonderful MIML™ (Man In My Life). We went for coffee and he took a very late lunch break from work! We took things slowly and I couldn’t believe that there was someone so awesome who was single and willing to work with me.

It wouldn’t have mattered if our first date was in April, September or any other month. It is just a coincidence it was on the same date and in reality means nothing. But it has made this date bitter sweet.

I am looking forward to the next years with MIML™ and will keep remembering my Dad. Both wonderful men in different ways. This weekend I am celebrating women with my Red Pavilion performances, but I wanted to take some time to remember two wonderful men. xxx

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Date: Sunday, 14. April 2013 14:57
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